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Centre Court is the main show court at Wimbledon, hosting matches on all 13 days of the The Championships, inclduing the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Finals, and is regarded as the world’s most famous tennis court. It is the only court at Wimbledon to have a Royal Box, frequented throughout The Championships by members of the Royal Family and distinguished guests, by invitation only. Built in 1922, the court now holds 14,979 thrilled spectators each day of The Championships. The retractable roof, unveiled in 2009, ensures a day of uninterrupted world class play.

Centre Court Debenture seats are perfectly positioned in the middle ring running around the perimeter of the court, approximately in line with the Royal Box, and are situated between rows A-N on the 200/300 Levels. The blocks or sections are known as Gangways and designate not only where your seat is located around the court, but also which entrance you use to take it.




Opened in 1997, the current No.1 Court replaced the demolished former No.1 Court which had stood at the west side of Centre Court since 1924. In 2019, the courts retractable roof was completed, along with the capacity increase to over 12,000. No.1 Court Debenture Holders’ seats are similarly located to Centre Court, with supreme view seating in the middle ring, between rows A-Q.



The original Debentures were issued in 1920 and helped finance the purchase and development of the current site of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. During the years immediately prior to the First World War, the All England Club considerably expanded the facilities at the Worple Road ground to meet the growing demand of the public, by increasing the capacity of the Centre Court and purchasing adjacent houses and gardens. Even so, when the tournament resumed after the War, in 1919, the grounds still could not cope with the greater than ever crowds and, as further expansion was not possible, the Club sought new premises.

In June 1920, the Club formed the 'Ground' Company, primarily with the objective of acquiring 13½ acres of freehold land at Wimbledon Park, Surrey (the present site of the Club), and to develop the grounds for the purpose of staging The Lawn Tennis Championships and other competitions. To raise the capital required, the 'Ground' Company raised £75,000 by the issue of 'A' and 'B' Debentures at £50 each. The 'A' Debentures carried an interest rate of 7½% per annum, redeemable on or before August 1947, and also conferred on the holder the right to purchase one seat in the Centre Court Stand for each day of The Championship meetings, up to and including 1947, at the prices current at such meetings. The 'B' Debentures carried no interest but conferred upon the holder the right, without payment, to one seat in the Centre Court Stand for a similar period. The Debenture issue was oversubscribed and increased to £100,000.

Due to the Second World War, the Debentures were extended by six years until the end of the 1953 Championships. In 1948, existing holders were offered the opportunity of extending their rights until the 1959 Championships with a new issue of 2,100 Debentures at £50 each. Money was required to effect repairs to the Club's premises, including bomb damage, none having been carried out for nine years, and to improve the Centre Court and catering facilities. So the process has continued and apart from one year only, 1960, Debentures have been issued every five years.

Since the late 1970’s, income from Debentures has funded many major works programmes to provide greater facilities for the players, spectators, officials and media, such as the two storey pavilion in Aorangi Park, three new covered courts and redevelopment of Centre Court and No.1 Court, including fully retractable roofs..


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