Essential Information

Opening Times

10am - The Grounds and debenture areas open daily.
11am - Play begins on outside courts.
1pm - Play begins on No.1 Court.
1.30pm - Play begins on Centre Court (apart from Finals Weekend when play starts at 2pm). 

Access to debenture areas
To gain access to the debenture areas within Centre Court and No.1 Court, please show your mobile ticket to the debenture hosts.
Debenture information lanyards will be provided at the entry points to the facilities upon displaying your ticket.

If you have any questions upon arrival there is a central Debenture Information Point to the left of the Fred Perry statue. This will be open from 10am until 2pm each day.

Debenture Hosts are there to assist you with any questions during the day. They are located at the Guest Arrival Hub, at the Debenture Information Point and throughout the debenture areas. They can be easily identified as they are dressed in Ralph Lauren uniforms and wearing name badges.

Contactless Payment
This is a cashless event, so please bring your credit or debit card or other form of cashless payment.

• Remember to switch your phone or tablet to silent and please ensure your flash is turned off.
• There are no supporting rails in tiered sections of the stands so please be particularly careful in these areas.
• You may only enter or leave a court at the change of ends or between matches, not during play.
• Please don’t make any noise during a rally.
• Please applaud the players, but do not clap a net cord or double fault.
• Do not bring glass drinking vessels and uncorked bottles into the stands on court.

Children over five and under 16 are welcome, provided they are accompanied by an adult at all times and have their own seat.
Children under five are not allowed into the Show Courts (Centre, No.1, No.2, No.3, Court 12, Court 18).

Pack everything you need in a single bag measuring no more than 40cm x 30cm x 30cm. 
- The Centre Court cloakroom is located inside the ground floor Fred Perry entrance. 
- The No.1 Court cloakrooms are located inside the ground floor Renshaw Restaurant entrance and at the entrance to the Veranda Restaurant. 

Mobile Phone Charging
Mobile phone charging units can be found in Centre Court inside the ground floor Fred Perry entrance. Within No.1 Court, they are located inside the ground floor entrance of The Renshaw and first floor Veranda restaurant lobby.